Old Bumpy Alligator

Leanne McGinty August 23, 2011 0
Old Bumpy Alligator
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Old Bumpy Alligator
by Pat Blanchard and Joanne Suhr
illustrated by Jason Wolff

Story: 4.5
I love this book! The story is a rhyming tale about a chomping alligator. He has a bumpy back and roams around all day chomping on everything in sight, even his own tail! I laughed out loud as the verse continued. It is very clever and sure to be a favorite of children. There is a non-fiction note in the back about alligators that is a fun fact I will personally store away.

Illustrations: 5
The illustrations are awesome. The colors are a perfect representation of a swamp. Old Bumpy even has a little turtle friend that we see on various pages of the book. The detail is fantastic and I easily fell in love with Old Bumpy and his addiction to chomping.

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