BrightStart Pre-K Letters and Numbers

Leanne McGinty September 12, 2011 0
BrightStart Pre-K Letters and Numbers
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This is my first review of an educational app for kids. It is by BrightStart. This is from their website:

BrightStart English
Pre-K Letters & Numbers (with Realtime Performance Reports)
  • Learn to Read, Write and Pronounce Upper and Lower Case Letters
  • Learn to Recognize, Write and Pronounce Phonograms
  • Learn to Read, Write and Count Numbers 0-9
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills
  • Distinguish Consonants and Vowels
  • Report Card: Performance Monitoring for Parents and Teachers to Aid Development

When I opened the app I was asked to enter my students name. I entered in my daughter and began. There are four categories in the paid version of the app that you can unlock within the free app. It is $1.99 and well worth it.

The categories are Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters, Numbers and Blends.

The uppercase and lowercase letters are similar. The letter appears on the screen with number dots inside of it. The child is to connect the dots and create the image shown. If a dot is missed a friendly lion shows up in the bottom left saying, “Try again!” The dots themselves make a satisfying “boop” noise when drawn over and a magical sparkly sound is made when the letter is completed. A word appears with emphasis on the sound the letter makes along with an image of the word.

The number section counts objects. We are shown a picture featuring the amount of objects counted and a voice also tells us the amount and what the object is.

The section on blends is similar to the upper and lowercase letter section. We are given the blend and then the word with emphasis on the sound it makes.

This app is a great learning tool and kids will have fun with it too. The graphics are bright and friendly and the voice is friendly as well. There is no downside to this app. I had no issues with it at all.

If you have an iPhone of iPad buy this app. It will help your child differentiate between letters and numbers and help them learn blends and words before they even start school. They will have so much fun with it they won’t even know they are learning. This will be available for Android soon according to their website.

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