Skid and the Too Tiny Tunnel

Leanne McGinty May 23, 2012 0
Skid and the Too Tiny Tunnel
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Skid and the Too Tiny Tunnel
by Jeffery Stoddard
PicPocket Books

Overview: It’s up to Skid, the littlest yellow tractor, to save the day when the tunnel collapses. Can Skid find the courage to do what he was made to do and prove that he doesn’t have to be big to be mighty? In the spirit of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, the trucks and tractors in this story are bound to please with their warm message of friendship, cooperation, and courage.

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PicPocket Books is hands down one of my favorite ebook apps. The books are in an easy and readable format that children will gravitate toward. The illustrations in the book are amazing. I love the paper feel of them even on a reading device. The characters come to life as we learn about Skid and his fears. Even the brave are afraid but they keep chugging along anyway, and that’s what Skid teaches us. He also teaches us that being small doesn’t mean being insignificant.

This app is $1.99 in the iTunes store and is available at the link above. It is also available in print on below.


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