The Goblin and the Girl

Leanne McGinty May 4, 2012 0
The Goblin and the Girl
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The Goblin and the Girl
by Neil Irani
Illustrated by Park Yun


Every morning a girl looks in the mirror and sees a goblin. She is scared that people will see that she is different and so she hides under a hat. One day, when it is stormy outside, the hat blows away…


I remember feeling the way the girl feels in the book. I even wrote a poem about it as a teen. Self-confidence is something that I truly believe we grow into. This young girl believes that she is a goblin when she looks in the mirror. It takes the attention of a kind young boy before she can see how she really looks. At first I didn’t like that. A girl shouldn’t need a boy in order to see herself as beautiful. But, then I understood because I went through it myself. The attention from someone of the opposite sex somehow meant more than the attentions of another female. It validated something deep down inside, like you were actually appealing and you weren’t a goblin after all. I flagged this book appropriate for all ages because self-confidence is something that we all need to be aware of. Everyone deals with moments of feeling like a goblin, even the most beautiful of people. The illustrations in the book are wonderful and I am always impressed with an artists rendition of rain. I strongly suggest this book for any child, male or female.

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