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Nelson Pleased to Support from Senior Arsenal

Nelson Pleased to Support from Senior Arsenal

Arsenal’s young striker Reiss Nelson says names like Alex Iwobi, Alexandre Lacazette, Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin are teammates who have played a major role in developing their football talent

The result is sweet support, in which he performed impressively during the pre-season Asia Under 17 years was given the opportunity Arsene Wenger to debut his senior level in the Community Shield 2017 event, and pulled the player who replaced Danny Welbeck was successfully helping his team won the annual trophy the official after defeating Chelsea on penalties.

Even now recorded himself also played in the Europa League and EFL Cup this summer and Nelson revealed four players the main team of the Gunners already helped him settle well.

“Alex Iwobi has been very helpful to me. He always jokes and sees me all right, “Reiss Nelson told the media.

“Alexandre Lacazette is also a good man.

“Likewise with Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin.”


Caballero Wants Chelsea Focus in English Premier League

Caballero Wants Chelsea Focus in English Premier League

After ensuring Chelsea advance to the next round in the EFL Cup with a 2-1 win over Everton on Thursday early morning, Willy Caballero called on his team-mates to get back fully concentrated into the Premier League.

The pressure from the Argentine goalkeeper, because the champion last season is now still ranked fourth in the standings by packing 16 points and if managed to pick up victory away on the weekend counter Bournemouth then the Blues can still compete with the Manchester duo in the race for the Premier League trophy 2017-2018.

“It’s always important to win, in every cup, every trophy, every game. In big clubs of course it is always important to win and win again, “said Willy Caballero on the club’s official website.

“We have to think fast and immediately divert it because the next game just a two-day pause.

“So now we have to be focused in the Premier League.”


Lazio Cursed Ultrasnya That Make Graffiti Racism

Lazio Cursed Ultrasnya That Make Graffiti Racism

Lazio has condemned his supporters’ actions after finding some graffiti racism at the Stadio Olimpico, after a 3-0 win over Cagliari last weekend.

The northern Tribune is always filled with Lazio ultras, while closed for punishment by the Italian Football Association, following a racist chant from some unscrupulous supporters when BIancocelesti faced Sassuolo 1 October.

In response, the club chose to allow their ultras to move into the southern stands. The venue is an area for fans of their city rivals, AS Roma, the most vocal.

The stadium maintenance officer later found graffiti and a lot of racist stickers in the southern stands on Monday (23/10) yesterday. With some reportedly depicting Anne Frank clad in Rome’s outfit, and Lazio condemned this irresponsible act.

Anne Frank: Victims of Nazi soldiers at World War II.
Lazio spokeswoman Arturo Diaconale said: “SS Lazio always condemns racism in all its forms. We can not say anything after this news, which clearly involves a number of people among the masses, who are otherwise always fair, ”

“We are worried by the fact that a small group of people are behaving recklessly, who are hard-pressed to keep up with developments, can bring massive damage to the club.”

Lazio supporters commonly called ‘Irriducibili’ refused to be made a suspect for the act. They claim to be surprised by the news coverage.

“We were shocked by the news from the media,” a statement in the newspaper said. “Everything must be reduced by context,”

“We talk about sports, there are jokes, irony and joy. There are other cases which, in our opinion, deserve more attention from newspapers and TV, ”

“We do not distance ourselves from what we have done, we just wonder why no one takes our share as we become victims of this alleged incident,”

“We are wondering why no one talks about our initiative to remember victims of terrorism. We think these steps are oriented to block and boycott Lazio’s growth, as they are one of the best teams in Serie A. ”

As far as this news is published, there is still no serious response either from the Italian football association (FIGC) or FIFA itself. If true, it might be that they will get quite severe sanctions from FIFA, given that racism is an extraordinary crime in football. (Source: Italian Football)


Scott McTominay Officially Extend Contract at MU

Scott McTominay Officially Extend Contract at MU

Manchester United officially extend the contract from midfielder Scott McTominay at Old Trafford

The 20-year-old is tied with a four-year contract, with a one-year extension option. As a product of the club’s academy, the player expressed his happiness by saying: “I grew up in this great club, and this club is a big part of my life. I attended the club’s development center at Preston from the age of five, and I advanced there. ”

“The debut I earned at the end of last season was a dream come true. I want to thank the manager, for the belief he showed me. I am very happy, when he promoted me to the first team, and I can not wait to continue my adventure with this team. “


Mertens: Napoli Must Look Natural

Mertens: Napoli Must Look Natural

Dries Mertens feel disappointed after Napoli defeat of Manchester City with the final score 2-1.

Pep Guardiola’s side were clearly dominating the opening 30 minutes of the game, with Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus scoring for the team, but Partenopei slowly managed to follow his rhythm.

“I do not know what happened at the beginning, we did not perform as usual. After that we played like last week and prove we can play here, “said Mertens.

“I am emotionless because I wasted a penalty, I know I can do better and at times like this you have to score.”

When Napoli were awarded a second-half penalty, the bonus was executed by 20-year-old midfielder Amadou Diawara.

“He was confident, so that moment like that I gave the penalty to him.”


Liverpool Vs Man United, Klopp on Rodgers’ Bad Record Record

Liverpool Vs Man United, Klopp on Rodgers’ Bad Record Record

Liverpool will host Manchester United at Anfield in the eighth week of the English Premier League on Saturday (13/10/2017). The duel is also a dangerous point for Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp.

Ahead of the game counter Man United, Liverpool just bagging 12 points. The club nicknamed the Reds is also just won one of the last four games in the Premier League event, the highest caste Premier League.

The points are the same as the numbers achieved by former Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, in the 2015-2016 season. Rodgers finally fired from Anfield pascahasil Everton counter series that puts the Reds in 10th position after eight matches.

If in the match later Liverpool failed to gain points then Klopp situation will be exactly the same as Rodgers at that time, which is 12 points from eight games.

So far the threat of dismissal Klopp has not been visible because the former boss Borussia Dortmund is favored by management and fans of The Reds because it can make his club play a fun football. Nevertheless, the German coach needs to be vigilant because it could be a result against the Red Devils change Anfield public views against him.


Injury, Sadio Mane Will Miss 10 Matches

Injury, Sadio Mane Will Miss 10 Matches

Liverpool must lose Sadio Mane for a long time Reporting from the official website of Liverpool, Mane suffered a thigh injury while defending the Senegal national team against Cape Verde in the 2018 World Cup qualifying party African zone on Sunday (8/10/2017).

The player performed for 89 minutes before being pulled out. The match ended with a 2-0 score for Senegal’s victory.

As a result of the injury, Mane threatened to miss six weeks. Thus, Liverpool will lose one of its flagship attackers in several important matches, including this weekend against Manchester United.

It is estimated that Mane can not defend the Reds in 10 games. If so then Mane just be a spectator in the following games:

1. Liverpool vs Manchester United (14/10/2017)

2. Maribor vs Liverpool (18/10/2017)

3. Tottenham Hotspur vs. Liverpool (22/10/2017)

4. Liverpool vs Huddersfield Town (28/10/2017)

5. Liverpool vs Maribor (2/11/2017)

6. West Ham United vs Liverpool (5/11/2017)

7. Liverpool vs Southampton (11/18/2017)

8. Sevilla vs Liverpool (11/22/2017)

9. Liverpool vs Chelsea (11/26/2017)

10. Stoke City vs Liverpool (30/11/2017)


Buffon Ready to Use Italian New Jersey in the Macedonian Game

Buffon Ready to Use Italian New Jersey in the Macedonian Game

Italian national team officially launched their latest jersey, which will be used when the match against Macedonia in 8th World Cup 2018 qualifying.

And Jersey was officially unveiled in Turin on Thursday, where Gianluigi Buffon was honored to try the jersey for the first time.

This is done to honor the services of Buffon to the Italian national team, where he has defended Gli Azzurri for 20 years and the opportunity to play the sixth World Cup in 2018 later.

“The Jersey is designed to bring back memories of the glamorous Italian luxury of the past, with Tricolor’s reference to the sleeves and back of the collars,” the local media said.

“The unforgettable blue color will always be there, ready to restore your unexpressed memories and feelings when you first use them to see your football playing in front of the TB screen, and the first time you feel the sensation when the ball goes into the opposing team.”


Zidane Concerned about the Fitness of Players

Zidane Concerned about the Fitness of Players

Zinedine Zidane admitted relieved after Real Madrid won its first success this season at the Santiago Bernabeu over Espanyol. However, he immediately worried about the players’ fitness.

In the game, Isco appeared as a hero by scoring two goals victory. Full numbers are getting closer Madrid to the top, seven points adrift of Barcelona in the top.

And now, the European leagues will enter the pause seiriing the 2018 World Cup qualification. That makes Zidane worried.

“This victory is important and the three most important points,” ZIdane told local media.

“We played well and then, in the second half we were exhausted after playing in many matches.”

“What yag scares me is that my players will not get a break because they will be with the national team.”

Madrid itself will compete on October 14 next Getafe continued La Liga.


Between Real Madrid Win, Bale Can Praise Zidane

Between Real Madrid Win, Bale Can Praise Zidane

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane praised his midfielder Gareth Bale’s performance Taruhan Bola. Praise was made Zidane after Bale scored one of three goals 3-1 Real Madrid victory over Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League on Wednesday (27/09/2017) early morning GMT at Borussia Park.

“I hope there will be more turning points this time, but Bale’s performance is very good right now, his legs are a bit sore, but not something worrisome,” Zidane said as quoted by Soccerway.

Before this match Bale is in the spotlight because of their lack of performance. Real Madrid fans are known hard on his players had scorned Bale in several matches.

However, the game against Dortmund early this morning seemed to prove that Bale is still worthy of costumes Madrid. The Wales player’s goal was the opener of Cristiano Ronaldo’s next two goals.

Bale scored the goal not in the usual way. 28-year-old player was breaking Dortmund goalkeeper through volley in the 18th minute.

“He scored it in a way that was not easy.Getting a goal like that is fantastic for him.This match will be a miracle for Bale.If you give him space, he is sharp.He is a good player,” said Zidane.