Cassano: Inter Can Win the Scudetto

Cassano: Inter Can Win the Scudetto

Antonio Cassano predicts Inter will win the Scudetto this season, and discussed his decision to leave Verona.

The 35-year-old attacker joined Butei on a free transfer this summer but left the club without a game, and it is unclear whether he has retired or not.

“No matter what happens there,” Cassano explained to the media crew.

“It’s like when you see a woman and she no longer catches your attention, so you go.”

“I took a big risk 12 years ago for leaving Real Madrid to switch to Sampdoria.”

“Regarding going from Verona, I do not want to make this choice, which I know will be a tough season for Verona and I do not know if I can give 100 per cent to them to avoid relegation.

“I left Verona very well, where we have a good relationship. ”

Cassano also discussed several other Serie A topics, including Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, Paulo Dybala and his former club, Inter.

“Allegri is a superstar. He wakes up in the morning and creates something so it runs smoothly. He can train top teams because he understands good things as a superstar. ”

“Dybala? He will not be like Messi. Messi is the best player in history and only Cristiano can keep up with him. ”

“About the Scudetto? Inter will win. Luciano Spalletti is a great coach. “

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