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Buffon Ready to Use Italian New Jersey in the Macedonian Game

Buffon Ready to Use Italian New Jersey in the Macedonian Game

Italian national team officially launched their latest jersey, which will be used when the match against Macedonia in 8th World Cup 2018 qualifying.

And Jersey was officially unveiled in Turin on Thursday, where Gianluigi Buffon was honored to try the jersey for the first time.

This is done to honor the services of Buffon to the Italian national team, where he has defended Gli Azzurri for 20 years and the opportunity to play the sixth World Cup in 2018 later.

“The Jersey is designed to bring back memories of the glamorous Italian luxury of the past, with Tricolor’s reference to the sleeves and back of the collars,” the local media said.

“The unforgettable blue color will always be there, ready to restore your unexpressed memories and feelings when you first use them to see your football playing in front of the TB screen, and the first time you feel the sensation when the ball goes into the opposing team.”


Cassano: Inter Can Win the Scudetto

Cassano: Inter Can Win the Scudetto

Antonio Cassano predicts Inter will win the Scudetto this season, and discussed his decision to leave Verona.

The 35-year-old attacker joined Butei on a free transfer this summer but left the club without a game, and it is unclear whether he has retired or not.

“No matter what happens there,” Cassano explained to the media crew.

“It’s like when you see a woman and she no longer catches your attention, so you go.”

“I took a big risk 12 years ago for leaving Real Madrid to switch to Sampdoria.”

“Regarding going from Verona, I do not want to make this choice, which I know will be a tough season for Verona and I do not know if I can give 100 per cent to them to avoid relegation.

“I left Verona very well, where we have a good relationship. ”

Cassano also discussed several other Serie A topics, including Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, Paulo Dybala and his former club, Inter.

“Allegri is a superstar. He wakes up in the morning and creates something so it runs smoothly. He can train top teams because he understands good things as a superstar. ”

“Dybala? He will not be like Messi. Messi is the best player in history and only Cristiano can keep up with him. ”

“About the Scudetto? Inter will win. Luciano Spalletti is a great coach. “


Three Clubs Interested to Bring Gabigol from Inter Milan

Three Clubs Interested to Bring Gabigol from Inter Milan

Young Brazilian talent playing at Inter Milan, Gabriel Barbosa, is rumored to be released on loan.

Currently rumored there are three clubs are ready to provide a loan offer for Gabriel Barbosa.

Reported by from Football-Italy, the three clubs are Benfica, Las Palmas, and PSV Eindhoven.

The player who has Gabigol’s call is rumored to have missed the spot this season.

Last season the Brazilian striker was recorded only appear nine times in the Italian League with a donation of one goal.

Gabigol will be loaned, but there will be no purchase option.

Inter Milan want Gabigol to choose their own one of the three teams earlier.

“Gabigol is currently being targeted and he has to make a decision,” said Inter Milan director Walter Sabatini.


Napoli Continue Hunting Denis Suarez

Napoli Continue Hunting Denis Suarez

Napoli are reportedly continuing their efforts about bringing Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez to Serie A, but facing competition from Tottenham Hotspur.

According to media, Napoli is willing to offer a dowry of 35 million Euros for players aged 23 years.

However, the newspaper also praised the same Tottenham as having an interest in the Spanish-born figure.

Meanwhile Denis in his contract with Blaugrana has a release clause worth 40 million Euros.

Denis returned to Camp Nou from Villarreal last summer, but only appeared 20 minutes from the appearance in 2016-17.

Although hours of play in Barcelona is not much, he reportedly still want to survive in the Catalan giants squad.

Even at the beginning of the month it is called if Denis refuses to make a move to Partenopei.

The offer from Napol reaches a little more at Denis’s sales pitch, but it will all return to the player whether he wants to move or stay.