Lazio Cursed Ultrasnya That Make Graffiti Racism

Lazio Cursed Ultrasnya That Make Graffiti Racism

Lazio has condemned his supporters’ actions after finding some graffiti racism at the Stadio Olimpico, after a 3-0 win over Cagliari last weekend.

The northern Tribune is always filled with Lazio ultras, while closed for punishment by the Italian Football Association, following a racist chant from some unscrupulous supporters when BIancocelesti faced Sassuolo 1 October.

In response, the club chose to allow their ultras to move into the southern stands. The venue is an area for fans of their city rivals, AS Roma, the most vocal.

The stadium maintenance officer later found graffiti and a lot of racist stickers in the southern stands on Monday (23/10) yesterday. With some reportedly depicting Anne Frank clad in Rome’s outfit, and Lazio condemned this irresponsible act.

Anne Frank: Victims of Nazi soldiers at World War II.
Lazio spokeswoman Arturo Diaconale said: “SS Lazio always condemns racism in all its forms. We can not say anything after this news, which clearly involves a number of people among the masses, who are otherwise always fair, ”

“We are worried by the fact that a small group of people are behaving recklessly, who are hard-pressed to keep up with developments, can bring massive damage to the club.”

Lazio supporters commonly called ‘Irriducibili’ refused to be made a suspect for the act. They claim to be surprised by the news coverage.

“We were shocked by the news from the media,” a statement in the newspaper said. “Everything must be reduced by context,”

“We talk about sports, there are jokes, irony and joy. There are other cases which, in our opinion, deserve more attention from newspapers and TV, ”

“We do not distance ourselves from what we have done, we just wonder why no one takes our share as we become victims of this alleged incident,”

“We are wondering why no one talks about our initiative to remember victims of terrorism. We think these steps are oriented to block and boycott Lazio’s growth, as they are one of the best teams in Serie A. ”

As far as this news is published, there is still no serious response either from the Italian football association (FIGC) or FIFA itself. If true, it might be that they will get quite severe sanctions from FIFA, given that racism is an extraordinary crime in football. (Source: Italian Football)

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