Mertens: Napoli Must Look Natural

Mertens: Napoli Must Look Natural

Dries Mertens feel disappointed after Napoli defeat of Manchester City with the final score 2-1.

Pep Guardiola’s side were clearly dominating the opening 30 minutes of the game, with Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus scoring for the team, but Partenopei slowly managed to follow his rhythm.

“I do not know what happened at the beginning, we did not perform as usual. After that we played like last week and prove we can play here, “said Mertens.

“I am emotionless because I wasted a penalty, I know I can do better and at times like this you have to score.”

When Napoli were awarded a second-half penalty, the bonus was executed by 20-year-old midfielder Amadou Diawara.

“He was confident, so that moment like that I gave the penalty to him.”

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