Ribery Reject Shock and Throw T-shirt, Ancelotti Leave Comment

Ribery Reject Shock and Throw T-shirt, Ancelotti Leave Comment

FC Bayern Munich’s 3-0 victory over Anderlecht in the Champions League was colored by Die Roten midfielder Franck Ribery’s injury to coach Carlo Ancelotti Agen Sbobet Casino.

Franck Ribery only played for 78 minutes in Group B match at the Fussball Arena Stadium on Wednesday (13/09/2017) WIB.

However, the Frenchman is showing no attitude to accept with the substitution of the player.

He refused to shake hands with Carlo Ancelotti, before throwing his T-shirt over to the bench.

Ancelotti confessed confused with Ribery’s negative reaction.

“I know all the players want to play full, but maybe Ribery does not understand if I replace it because the game is over,” Ancelotti said.

The Italian coach confirmed that he was satisfied with Ribery’s performance.

“There is nothing wrong with the game, only, he had a bit of trouble last Sunday, so I want to rest him,” continued Ancelotti.

Ancelotti also hinted would speak with his men.

“I do not understand Ribery’s attitude and will ask him,” Ancelotti said.

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